Courthouse Elopement on Super 8mm

Miranda and Jet knew from the jump that they didn’t want to fuss over their wedding. A city hall elopement wasn’t always the dream, per-say. But the more they thought about it, the more it checked off all of the boxes for what they wanted for their wedding celebration.

We started the day at the lovely Lotte hotel in downtown Seattle. It’s perfectly located for a city hall elopement as it’s just a few blocks from the courthouse. We highly recommend this hotel to anyone who needs a beautiful, sleek, light-filled space to get ready in in Seattle. From there we made our way to a parking garage along 1st ave that has some of the best views of downtown & the Smith Tower (our favorite Seattle building). After a lightening round of portraits (it was almost 94 degrees, a concept not well-known to us Seattleites) – we worked our way to the courthouse for the big event.

We are such big fans of courthouse elopements. There is an incredible intimacy to sharing in special, quiet moments with people who are trusting you to document their day with integrity and authenticity to the experience of getting married in such a private way. We often get to sign as witnesses on these days. After some vows, a quick celebration and a signing of the marriage certificate – we were back on the streets of Seattle and on our way to find a donut (in lieu of a cake cutting) and finally, a celebratory drink.

This film was documented on Super 8mm Kodak motion picture film on antique Super 8mm cameras.

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