Super 8 vs. 16mm

comparison of analog formats

The differences between Super 8mm & 16mm are slight but can make a big difference depending on the type of event you are planning and the look you are hoping to achieve from your wedding film. We put together the comparison video below to be able to more easily visualize the differences between the two mediums.

16mm has a frame size area roughly 3.5x larger than Super 8 which offers higher resolution in a perceivably sharper image. It may also yield less grain and a more dynamic range of light and color.

Super 8 was originally a consumer format and is embraced for its nostalgic quality characterized by its soft and grainy appearance. That being said, we have invested in top-of-the-line professional Super 8mm cameras that result in a superior image to a lot of the more consumer-end Super 8 cameras available on the market.

Regardless of what format you choose, we have all of our Kodak film professionally processed and scanned at 6.5K and delivered to you at 4K after we edit and color the footage ourselves in-house.

These scans have not been graded (i.e. color corrected) to highlight the distinct resolutions and characteristics of the formats. It is however worth noting that 16mm offers more latitude in terms of color.