Melrose Market Home-Video Wedding

Aniela & Evan’s Melrose Market wedding was such a fun project for us. Right out the gate Aniela & Evan knew that they wanted their wedding documented a little differently. This made a lot of sense considering their *very* unique wedding plans (which we LOVE). In fact, originally Aniela had told us that they were on the fence with wedding videography because they’d never found a style that resonated with their vision for the day. They wanted to keep things as “punk rock” as possible and once we talked through their ideas and what we could do on our end to make it happen, they left it in our hands! The end product was a mixed-media film with at at-home video, documentarian feel.

The day would consist of small ceremony in their front yard with their close friends and family. Then, followed by a reception at Melrose Market where they would play an entire set with their band in lieu of a first dance. Their goal was to keep things as loose, fun and as true to them as possible. And in Aniela’s words “as punk rock as possible”.

The whole day was so relaxed and intentional. The day moved slowly – in a way that allowed Aniela & Evan to really soak in everything that was unfolding. It’s always so fulfilling to see people live out a wedding day that feels authentic to their priorities. Aniela & Evan had such a fun wedding day. After almost two years of pandemic, their guests fully embraced being given permission to dance, laugh and genuinely rock out.

Our aim was to create a film that felt like a home-video but a little elevated. Aniela & Evan’s wedding film ended up being a multi-media project that consisted of digital, tape & film. The tape footage was shot on a 90s camcorder while the film footage was done on a vintage Super 8mm camera. It was such a blast to combine these mediums for the ultimate home-video feel. Enjoy!

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If you have a similar vision for your wedding film, reach out to us here. We’re always so excited to bring more off-beat visions to life. We are super open to a creative, collaborative process with our couples!

Warning! There is some explicit language in this film!