and what we bring to the table:

1. Experienced Photography

Lenaig first formed her photography business in 2016 after completing a BFA in Photo Media and was later joined by John in 2019. She has photographed 100+ weddings and has extensive experience in both digital and film photography.

2. Creative Videography

John's music background and passion for all things analogue guides our videography work. We offer a variety of services but specialize in Super 8mm films. We pride ourselves on tasteful, creative documentation that is not overly forced or directed.

3. A Strong, Intuitive Team

Being partners in life and work gives us the unique ability to work together seamlessly and push each other creatively. We have developed a professional and harmonious workflow that we bring to every project.



Contact Us: hello@weissphotoandfilm.com

01. How would you describe your documentation "style"?

We aim to showcase a variety of styles of documentation throughout your wedding day. We've found that different parts of your day require different approaches. We always aim to strike a balance between guiding and posing. We want to make you feel comfortable behind the camera while making sure we aren't over-posing or over-directing you. In the end, we want you to look back at your photos and recognize yourselves, your relationship and your wedding day. Our work is a blend between fine-art and photo-journalism. Our style is colorful and vibrant; we aim to create work that is true-to-life but more importantly, true to your wedding day.

02. Do you document on film?

Yes - for both photo and video! Our photography collections are a mix of digital + film photographs (35mm, 120 & Instant film) and and we offer Super 8 mm motion-picture films. If you are interested in having your wedding entirely documented on film, let us know in your inquiry and we will put together a custom collection for you.

03. What are the advantages of hiring you as a photo + video team?

If you are interested in both services, we highly encourage you to hire us as photo & video team. It's what we excel at! John and I have a seamless, non-obtrusive workflow that we've mastered over the years. Our level of trust and intimacy with one another allows us to anticipate each others movements and coordinate effectively. John and I push each other creatively and lean on each other for help & support throughout the day. Working together is a huge perk of this job that we enjoy so much! You may also contact us to book our services separately.

04. Do you travel for weddings?

YES. One of the biggest perks of our job is getting to travel. If your wedding is outside of the Seattle area - let us know in your inquiry form. We make custom proposals for all of our inquiring couples and once we have some more information regarding your wedding day - we can give you more detailed pricing for travel!

05. How far in advance should we book you?

We encourage couples to hire us 9-12 months in advance! We will let you know if we are available for your date as soon as you fill out our booking form. In order to secure your wedding date in our calendar, we require a signed contract and a 50% retainer payment (30% when booking photo + video together).