Mount Rainier National Park Elopement

Adrianna & Cristina flew all the way across the country (quite literally, from Florida to Washington) to elope at Mount Rainier National Park. Making this elopement happen during the pandemic was no easy task but it was entirely worth it. We started bright & early in order to catch the sunrise at, you guessed it, Sunrise Point. Adrianna & Cristina wanted to see as much as the park as they could during the time that they were there so their elopement day involved several stops.

Adrianna & Cristina read their vows at a beautiful waterfall that we stumbled across on a short hike. We then visited Tipsoo Lake where the two of them popped champagne and shared a first dance. The day was topped off with a canoe ride at a nearby lake – it was such a treat to watch Adrianna & Cristina share a moment together that they’d dreamed of for so long. Getting in the canoe on their wedding day was a non-negotiable.

This film is a mix of digital & Super 8mm. We’ve been having a really great time editing with the two different mediums and combining them to create something really beautiful and nostalgic. We film all of our Super 8mm films with authentic, vintage cameras that yield such a beautiful result.

As much as the past two years have been a major challenge, getting to experience these intimate elopements has been a real treat. It’s such an immersive experience and just entirely different from a “standard” wedding day. It’s been the perfect excuse to leave the house and get some fresh air every once in a while! ðŸĪŠ

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