1. An Experienced Team 

Lenaig first formed her photography business in 2016 after completing a BA in Photo Media and was later joined by John in 2019. Combined, we have almost 8 years of wedding experience. We are confident in our ability to guide our couples through the planning process for photography and videography. We are eager to pass on the valuable insight we’ve gained from our many years of experience.

2. A Strong, Intuitive Partnership 

Our 12+ relationship and partnership has led to an efficient and synchronized workflow that enables us to navigate your wedding day with ease. We help each other with our respective jobs and know what the other person needs in order to create their best work. We are able to anticipate each other’s movements and are able to talk through ideas. We encourage each other’s creativity and artistry.

3. Detailed, Comprehensive Wedding Documentation

As a photo + video team, we are able to provide you with all-encompassing wedding documentation. One vendor, two services. Our work highlights and honors all the different elements of your wedding day – candid moments with family and friends, hand-picked decor, vows, toasts – we have the privilege to document it all and present it to you in an intentional, artistic way.


Photo by Malorie Kerouac

Frequently Asked Questions;

01. Do you travel for weddings?

YES. One of the biggest perks of our job is getting to travel. If your wedding is outside of the Seattle area - let us know in your inquiry form. We make custom proposals for all of our inquiring couples and once we have some more information regarding your wedding day - we can give you more detailed pricing for travel!

02. What is your working style? How do you plan to document our wedding day?

We aim to showcase a variety of styles of documentation throughout your wedding day. We've found that different parts of your day require different approaches. We always aim to strike a balance between guiding and posing. We want to make you feel comfortable behind the camera while making sure we aren't over-posing or over-directing you.

We work in tandem so that we can maximize our time with you and prioritize organic moments throughout your wedding day.

03. Do you shoot film?

Yes, 100% yes. It's our favorite. Film has made documenting weddings so exciting for us. The down time between when we shoot and get the film back is always filled with eagerness and anticipation and the end result is always so fun. Film has allowed up to approach wedding days with a slow, thoughtful eye - a drastic contrast to working with digital. We have a few different options for film that are laid out in our pricing collection. We offer 35mm film, medium format film, and instant film for photography as well as Super 8 (and soon Super 16mm) for videography!

04. What is required from us in order to book you?

In order to book, we require a signed contract and a 50% retainer payment. The rest of your payment is due 30 days prior to wedding day.

Once we have created a proposal with a collection that matches all of your needs, we'll put together a contract and invoice for you to review before signing.

05. Do we have to hire you for photography & videography?

No, you don't (but we think you should)! We offer our photography and videography services together or separate and we are happy to put together quotes for you that include one or the other, or both. We highly encourage you to hire us as photo & video team. It's what we excel at!

06. What will you help us with after we book you?

We will help with basically, everything! We have several touch points with you between booking and wedding day. We will see you for your engagement session, if you choose to have one, and your pre-wedding consultation.

We send out a comprehensive wedding questionnaire in the months leading up to your event - which we use to guide us as we navigate your wedding day. We also communicate with your other vendors to ensure that we're communicating our needs and hearing the needs of others so that we foster a collaborative environment.

We are always available via email to answer any questions you might have throughout the wedding planning process and often work back and forth with our couples to create a seamless timeline. It's most likely your first time planning a wedding but we've attended countless weddings and are more than happy to weigh in with our recommendations!

07. How far in advance should we contact you for booking?

We encourage couples to hire us 9-12 months in advance! The early bird catches the worm with all things wedding-related! Once you fill out our booking form, we will immediately let you know if we are available for your wedding date! If you do not have a wedding date selected yet, feel free to reach out. We are happy to put together a proposal for you without a wedding date but a date will be required when it comes to signing a contract and putting down a retainer!


recent reviews from our couples

Lenaig and John are an incredible team and are beyond talented. It’s obvious that she and John genuinely care about the photos and video just as much as you do. They managed to be in so many places on our wedding day that I’m still impressed with what they were able to capture. I can’t imagine having another team that is as kind and sweet as them while also managing to beautifully capture every moment of our important days. I can't stress enough how incredibly kind, funny and personable they were during the process. And above all that, their work is incredible!
Rachel & Kyle
Lenaig & John were a dream to work with. My husband and I cannot be more grateful for the beautiful work that they delivered, but also their professionalism throughout the entire process. Lenaig & John were able to deliver perfectly dreamy photos, a flawless highlight film, and full ceremony video that I'm sure we will continue to cherish in the years to come. To top it all off, their warmth and kindness simply enhanced our experience and we highly recommend working with them!
Jamila & Bret
Lenaig and John really captured the mood and emotions of the big day. Their unique videography style and attention to detail really sold us. Take a look at the videos they’ve produced and you will understand why their work is so special. We couldn’t be happier with our choice to work with Lenaig and John. They were probably our easiest vendor to work with during the entire wedding planning process and captured all of our requests perfectly.
Alexis & Stephen
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Pre-Wedding Consultation

Wedding Day Photography Coverage by
Lenaig Delisle of Weiss Photo & Film

Next-Day Previews Gallery
(30-40 Images)

8-12 Week Turnaround of Fully Edited Photo Gallery

Print Release, Private Use Photo Rights
& Fine Art Wedding Album Credit

Our average photography collection is $6,595. All photography collections are subject to Washington state sales tax - unless you do not live in Washington state. A 50% retainer is required to hold your wedding date.


photography collection add-on

We shoot “hybrid” which means that we are able to document with both digital and analog mediums to give you a wider variety in your final gallery. We are so excited about film and eager to even be offering full film documentation options for the 2022 season. We document all film add-ons with vintage cameras to give you the most authentic results.

We shoot a mix of 35mm film, medium format film and instant film. We typically shoot 15-20 rolls of film – which is developed and scanned by a professional lab. You will receive high-resolution jpegs in your final photo gallery. You can expect a mix of black & white and color film.

If you are interested in having your wedding documented on film – please reach out to us using the contact form  so we can put together a custom quote. Please be sure to include in your inquiry if you’re interested in hybrid documentation with both digital & film or just film!


Pre-Wedding Consultation

Wedding Day Video Coverage by John O’Connor of Weiss Photo & Film

Cinematic Highlight Film

Professional Audio Recording

Drone Footage of Venue & Surrounding Areas

Video Release & Private Use Video Rights

Our average videography collection is $4,850. Videography collections are not subject to Washington sales tax. A 50% retainer is required to hold your wedding date.


analog wedding films

Dolomites Elopement | Super 8mm


Super 8mm Films

Banana Stand Elopement on Super 8mm


Super 8mm Films

Dolomites Elopement | Super 8mm

If you’re looking for a more analog form of wedding documentation – Super 8mm film is the way to go. Super 8mm creates a feeling of nostalgia that is unbeatable. We create our Super 8mm films using authentic, vintage cameras and Kodak film.

We offer full-length Super 8mm films as well as a Super 8mm add-on for those of you who are looking for a digital highlight film but also want the nostalgic magic of Super 8mm.

If you are interested in having your wedding video documented on film – please reach out to us using the contact form  so we can put together a custom quote. Please be sure to include in your inquiry if you’re interested in hybrid documentation with both digital & film or just film!