Olympic National Park Elopement // Hurricane Ridge // Lake Crescent 

Dan & Laura’s wedding plans went through the COVID wringer. So they diverted their wedding funds and bought a van instead; because that’s what you do when your wedding plans get botched. You buy a van and drive it cross-country, hitting every national park on the way. They named their van Indivana Bloom and started their journey just a couple of days after their elopement. Their end-goal was to reach their families on the East Coast to be able to celebrate their wedding with the loved ones who weren’t able to make it to their elopement. 

Laura & Dan’s wedding day was incredibly special and made up of all of the things that they love. The water, the mountains, kayaking, sharing a meal with friends, and being together. They chose the Olympic National Park as their venue. We started by doing a first look at Hurricane Ridge, which has one of the most incredible views in Washington State. Then we drove down to Lake Crescent for a short ceremony followed by some kayaking and of course, lots of eating (Laura’s mom had still managed to mail over some home-made cookies for the occasion).

It wasn’t the wedding day they’d planned — far from it. Laura and Dan made some serious sacrifices and had to come to terms with the fact that a lot of their family wouldn’t be able to join in to celebrate their union. But when all was said and done, Laura & Dan were married. They spent a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest; soaking up all of the incredible views, focusing in on the most important part of their marriage: themselves. COVID hasn’t been an easy time. That statement feels like an understatement. That being said; it has been incredibly rewarding to watch couples always find their way back to the fact that being together and being married is really the most important part of a wedding day.


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