Free Wedding Day Timeline & Coverage Outline

Having a strong timeline is important for any wedding day. All of your wedding vendors will rely on it to know when to arrive, set-up, tear-down and be done for the day. Work closely with your wedding planner and/or day-of coordinator to put together a timeline based on your priorities for your wedding day and be sure to include your photography and/or videography team in the process!

The earlier you have a loose timeline put together the easier it will be to determine what kind of coverage you’ll want/need from your photography and/or videography team. It’s important to understand the difference between 6 hours of coverage vs. 8 hours of coverage and how this affects what you will and won’t get covered by your wedding documentation team.

Below is the wedding timeline we send our couples and the timeline we base most of our wedding collections off of. We’ve found it to be a super helpful guide for our couples when considering how much coverage they’re interested in.

wedding photography timeline

We understand (and love) that every wedding day is different. Not every wedding will include a first look and not all couples will do formal dances. This wedding day timeline is just a guide based on a “standard” wedding day. If your wedding day differs from the outlined timeline below – you can at the very least refer to the timeline to determine how much time you may want to set aside for each part of the day. Here’s what we typically recommend for the more structured photo & video time:

First Look & Portraits : 45 mins – 1 Hour

Bridal Party: 45 mins – 1 hour

Family Portraits : 30 mins – 45 mins

Sunset/Evening Portraits : 15 mins – 30 mins