seattle wedding photography

Lenaig Delisle

founder // lead photographer

My name is Lenaig and it’s pronounced “Len-Egg”. I was born in France and moved to Seattle, WA when I was 5 years old. I still get to visit home often which is great because my French needs WORK.

I got my BFA in photography at the University of Washington in Seattle (go Dawgs). I started taking art and photography classes in high school and haven’t stopped since.

I’m a sucker for a good love story and my favorite love story of all time is Anne & Gilbert from Anne of Green Gables. Seriously if you haven’t seen the scene of them reuniting after he goes off to war….LOOK IT UP. Makes me cry (ahem, sob) every time.

I love cornbread. If there is cornbread on the menu, I will be ordering it with a side of warm honey butter and it better not have jalapeños in it.

My #1 priority in life is to be warm. I absolutely hate the cold and will do just about anything to avoid it. When I’m in my house, you will almost always find me wearing a thick sweater (or two) and maybe a blanket too. That being said, if I’m in the sun, I’m also usually complaining. A true Seattleite.




John O'Connor

videographer // second shooter

I’m a Chicago boy, packaged and shipped to Seattle as an adolescent.

I brought my interest in ice hockey to Washington but I quickly learned that this state bordering Canada had little acknowledgement for the sport. I’m looking forward to 2021! 

My conversion to a PNW boy was made real with an introduction to alpine activities. I like going up to Whi$tler at least once a year for skiing. Always down for a hike but don’t expect me to be prepared (I had an early exit from the Scouts).

Music is pretty wild and I’ve played in a variety of groups in Seattle. These days I’m mostly making bleep bloops with my synthesizers.

I’m big into Star Wars and share the franchise’s resentment for sand (“It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere”).

I fell in love with Lenaig when I was 18 and some things never change.






seattle wedding photography